We supply pre-packed ration packs and ration pack components.

Our food division is a recognised provider of components for the 24 hours and the 10 Man Operation Ration Packs to the UK Defence Food Services. Supplied components include chewing gum, chocolate, sweets, soups, snack bars, Tabasco Sauce and fruit pouches.

We specialise in providing a full range of ration pack components and menus (which include accessories such as hexamine stoves and matches) in different ethenic categories including Vegetarian, Halal, Hindu and Western style. Our ready to eat meals and deserts (MREs) are supplied in pouches.

We are able to source and supply a variety of food products to the food service and retail sectors.

For further information on product ranges please contact our office on 01923 297890 or
Tel: 01923 297 890